Club News

Club meeting, September 13, 2017 - High School for Peace and Social Justice
Jeff McFarland, principal of the Northwest High School for Peace and Social Justice, outlined some of the ideas that he has for the school. He put the emphasis on student potential, what students can achieve in the future. This is not done on the basis of traditional testing, but in some ways working with the curriculum to integrate the ideas of peace and social justice. As an example, he talked of the participation of the school in the upcoming international day of peace, and the devotion of a school day to 8 workshops on various related subjects. The school has a high college acceptance rate, but he sees it as a task of the school to make sure that students who are accepted actually do go to college and can continue through a whole college program. Currently the school has 272 students. Jeff’s goal is 3 classes in each of 4 grades for 360 students. The school is currently 95% African-American, with about 60% from the local area. He has hopes of having a somewhat more diverse population from larger areas of the city. Our club is working with the school on various projects, and we hope to expand on what we did in the past year. Our club’s participation is being coordinated by Phil Tankel.